NBA Power Ranking #17: Miami Heat

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Miami fans, I encourage you to enjoy this season as much as you possibly can because once it's over, you could be looking at a few dark seasons. Miami is coming off of a 44-38 record which gave them the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. Thanks to a great playoff performance from Dywane Wade (aka D-Wade, aka The Flash, aka Father Prime) the Heat were able to make it to the second round of the playoffs, which they lost 4-1 to the 76ers in a very entertaining series. However, admits their surprising playoff success, you could see that the glory days of Miami that have taken place since the mid-2000s are hanging by a thread.

The Heat have an abundance of players signed to big, both in length and finical impact, contracts, a lack of young assets and draft picks, and a front office that refuses to accept the fact that rebuilds are a necessary part to every franchise. Even with all that mess surrounding the Heat, they're probably set up to have a somewhat decent season.

Wade will be putting everything he has left in the tank into this season, the players on the Heat (while mostly overpaid) are talented and can be worthy of a low playoff seed again in the East. This of course is all assuming that Jimmy Butler doesn't make his way over in a trade. It's being reported that the Heat are still aggrevirely pursuing a trade for Jimmy Butler (remember when I said they had a front office that refuses to rebuild), but as of now there isn't a deal close to being completed.

The Heat will be able to to push for the playoffs again this year with players like Wade, Goran Dragic, Justice Winslow, and a potentially rejuvenated Hassan Whiteside leading the way. Expect them to be around the .500 mark yet again, but certainly under 45 wins. The roster is more or less exactly the same this year as it was last year, and all that happened was that everyone got older. On a team that's led by veterans, that's not always a recipe for improvement.

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