NBA Power Rankings #25: Charlotte Hornets

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If this website had been up and running for the past four years I would just copy and paste the previous years right here. The Hornets have been stuck in neutral for years now. This at least a better neutral. Remember the "neutral" Charlotte Bobcats? They were stuck in neutral at the bottom of the NBA with Adam Morrison and Bismack Biyombo. They can be thankful that's no longer their situation. Sadly, their core group of players of the past few years haven't been able to make any sort of noise in the East. It seemed like from 2015-2017 everyone thought they would be a team making "a next step" and becoming a legit playoff team but it just never happened.

Kemba Walker is obviously the cornerstone of this franchise and after not being traded last season amidst several rumors that he'd be on the move, I'd imagine that the Hornets hold onto him. Last season would have been the perfect opportunity (getting the Brooklyn pick from the Cavilers) and they chose to pass up on it. Getting a better deal than that is going to be hard to come by, so Walker may be around for the rest of his contract. He may even resign, Walker has always had the poise and attitude of someone who could be satisfied playing for one team his whole career.

Walker is arguably one of the five point guards in the East, but the talent around him is lacking any sort of playoff run. Walker is a borderline all-star surrounded by a line-up of borderline starters and a whole bunch of people who deserve to be a role player. Until Charlotte makes a serious change, they'll continue to find themselves at the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

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