NBA Power Rankings #29: Sacramento Kings

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The Sacramento Kings finished their 2017-2018 campaign with a 27-55 record, good for 12th best in the Western Conference. The Kings will be finding themselves towards the bottom of the conference, and league, yet again. This is a team that is in rebuild mode has been for the better part of the 21st Century. The front office is notorious for having a track record of being, well, bad and their current roster backs up that reputation. They currently have a few nice young pieces to build around, but they're still in the process of being developed and none of them have shown signs of being a franchise player.

De'Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield make up an interesting guard duo but when compared to other young backcourts (Boston, Dallas, Denver, and Philadelphia) it doesn't stack up as well. Their young front court players are also question marks. Harry Giles was a first round pick in 2017 and has yet to see his first NBA minutes due to injury and this summer's #2 pick Marvin Bagley III has a skillset and play style that doesn't transfer well in the modern NBA. While it's still too early to give a final judgement on their core young players, they seem to have more question marks than other young cores in the association.

The development of these players will be the primary focus of the Sacramento Kings this season and won't find themselves making progress in the win-loss department for a couple more years at best. Finding themselves towards the bottom of the Western Conference will be a familiar place for the Kings and that's where they'll be when the season is all said and done. Luckily for them, this will place them back in the lottery as they'll have yet another chance to draft a player to build around. Unluckily for them, the Boston Celtics own their first round pick this year. The only way that Sacramento keeps that pick is if it becomes the #1 pick in the 2019 lottery selection. Those are slim odds, and with the luck Sacramento has had the past decade, I would't bet on that going in their favor either.

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